We are currently looking for two categories of people: 

  • Experienced consultants, 
  • And people who want to set up a partner organisation in their country (outside Europe).

Highly Experienced Consultants

We are always open for experts who can really help SME’s obtaining better results. We encourage you to contact us if these aspects apply to you:


  • You have experience as a general director of an SME or as a Business Unit manager in a bigger company
  • You have realised excellent results in these functions
  • You have a passion to help SME-owners to realise better results where they want it
  • You are very result oriented and love to work in the practical day-to-day field
  • You are willing to work project based
  • Honesty and reliability are fundamental values of your character

Do you want to Become a Partner in Your Country?

4BetterResults is looking for partners in other continents to help entrepreneurs transcontinental.

If you work in an other continent, and you want to strengthen your business, in order to:

  • Help companies in your own country to grow faster, 
  • Help companies in your own country to sell to Europe (especially Belgium or via Belgium)
  • Build sales organisations in your own country for Belgian or European companies
  • Look for production facilities in your own country for Europen investors

then we advise you to get in touch with us.

Internship is possible, if a long term professional relationship as described just above is the ultimate goal.


Are you interested in our challenge to help SME-owners to better results? Please contact us and let us know your core competencies. We will get back in touch with you. ( en wij doen verder het nodige.