Buying or Selling a Business in Belgium (Brussels)? We Help you with your Merger and Acquisition Projects.

Specialised in SMEs and Family Owned Businesses

What can 4BetterResults do for you concerning buying and selling companies in Belgium (Brussels)?

We advise you through the whole process and even help further with practical assistance (execution) as much as desired. Each time we allocate people who are specialized in the specific domain you are looking for.

Scouting for (potential) companies for sale or potential buyers:

  • Potential buyers search (sometimes anonymous)
  • Scouting for target companies to buy (sometimes anonymous)

During the negotiations

  • Assist in the negotiations and negotiation strategies, working together "around the table"
  • Behind the scenes negotiation advice

Drafting of the agreement

  • Elaborate all documents
  • Ensure good management of all steps to be taken and decisions

After the signing of the agreement

  • Ensure that the company achieves the optimal objectives, so that the new owner can meet its obligations and so optimally ensured the continuity of the business is.
  • We can assist to improve the results of the acquired company, e.g. by conducting an "Accelerated Growth Programme©".

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